Commercial Consultants to the Energy Sector: Oil & Gas, Renewables and the Energy Transition

The mission of Frontera Commercial  Services is to solve issues for our customers in the most efficient and productive manner
We look at transactions within the context of our Customers values, objectives and strategy and use our experience to deliver solutions.
Always outcome driven, we are a service provider that gets things done.
To us a blank sheet is a an exciting opportunity.


It's always about the numbers. Distilling disparate data into a coherent framework for understanding the most likely and outlying performance cases for assets and companies is central to what we do.  Decision making has a subjective element and a strong grounding in observable fact is essential for maintaining a high quality of outcomes.

Enlist Frontera to assist with your valuation and economics challenges and know where you stand.


With years of experience, Frontera can tell the wood from the trees. More important now than ever before since one captures carbon and the other releases it when burnt.

Acquisition and Disposal of Assets and Companies, Joint Ventures, Sales and Transportation, Power Purchase Agreements, Power Supply, Consents, Government, Regulators, Supply Chain and Procurement. All of these aspects of commercial activity require understanding and a clear focus on the objective.

Whether it is to deepen the understanding, formulate the objectives or execute a plan already developed Frontera can help.


The task is huge but from the noise coherent policy is emerging and oil majors and utilities are participating. A number of majors have already made a commitment to a total switch or carbon neutrality. Capacity to scale, engineering capability and cost of capital are key ingredients for success.

Europe is leading the way and China is catching up fast.

Offshore and Onshore Wind, Solar, Bio-Fuels and other technologies all have a big part to play.

The cost of deployment is falling and allowing Renewables to compete without subsidy.

At Frontera we have the experience and can help.


The strictest standards of client confidentiality are observed. Your data and interests remain yours at all times and will not be divulged or dicussed with third parties without your express consent.
We will not engage in work which could result in a conflict of interest.



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